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Tasting/Retail Hours

Tuesday: 12pm - 4pm

Wednesday: 12pm - 4pm

Thursday: 12pm - 5pm

Friday: 12pm - 5pm

Saturday: 12pm - 5pm

Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

"Montgomery County's first distillery since prohibition, Twin Valley Distillers brings the art of handcrafted spirits back to the Free State. Combining local grains, family traditions, and an urban setting, Twin Valley is truly one of a kind!"

Craft Distillery

Bourbons and Whiskeys

The cornerstone of Twin Valley Distillers. Maryland has a deep-rooted history of whiskey, and it's a  tradition we are proud to uphold. We produce a myriad of whiskeys and bourbons as unique as the Free State.

Rums, Vodka and More

Our flavored spirits are truly what makes Twin Valley unique. From our Port Antonio Rums to Limoncello, and everything in between, we're sure to have something for every occasion. 

Seasonal Spirits

In Maryland, we experience all four seasons and here at Twin Valley we welcome each season with a new lineup of flavors to match the weather.

Be it mango lemonade in the summer or eggnog in the winter, let our spirits help elevate your spirit any time of year.



1029 E. Gude Drive, Rockville, MD 20850 Suite 105 & 105B




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