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Who We Are

Opened by former chef Edgardo Zuniga in 2013, Twin Valley Distillers became just the third operating distillery in Maryland and the first in Montgomery County since prohibition. We locally source our grain to produce the highest quality whiskeys and spirits and pride ourselves on sustaining the local ecosystem with our farm partners. 

Emigrating from Costa Rica, Edgardo has incorporated his background into Twin Valley's product line. Flavors of Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean echo throughout our bottles, and of course a little there's a little taste of Maryland as well!


A Brief History of Maryland and Whiskey

Maryland is a whiskey state. Not just because of the fact that Marylanders love to drink whiskey, but there is also a longstanding history of whiskey here. While it may be true that the most famous bourbons in this country come from Kentucky, it was actually Maryland and Pennsylvania that would be the birthplace of American whiskey in late-18th century America. It was excess rye that subsidy farmers in these states used to turn into Rye whiskey, which eventually led to the Whiskey Rebellion (1792-1794) that sparked a paradigm shift in the ways that Americans view whiskey. It is our goal to return the tradition of great whiskey to the state of Maryland. 

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Here at Twin Valley Distillers our goal is and always has been putting out the best products and services for our valued customers. If you have any questions, complaints or anything else you'd like to let us know, please feel free! 

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