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Reservation Information

We offer a multitude of options when in comes to visiting Twin Valley Distillers. Please see below for more info on our different options. 

If you're looking to do a tasting or to try our delicious handcrafted cocktails, just stop on in, no reservations necessary! 

For tours and cocktail classes, you must call (240) 386-8741 to make a reservation. 


One of the things Twin Valley is most well-known for is variety. With over 15 unique products at any given time, including limited-time and seasonal spirits, there's always something new to try. Tastings can be tailored to each individual's unique preferences so you're sure to only try the things you're most likely to enjoy!


Tours of the distillery are a fantastic way to see the distilling process in action. You will be shown around by one of our distillers, and they will explain what a day in the life here at Twin Valley looks like. You'll learn about the Bourbon Laws and the history of Maryland whiskey, as well as what separates TVD from other distilleries. A tasting is included with each tour as well.

Cocktail Classes

The newest addition to the family when it comes to everything Twin Valley has to offer. Cocktail Classes offer customers a chance to have our expert bartenders explain all the intricacies of what makes a cocktail great. You'll learn how and why different spirits are used in each cocktail as well as fun and exciting techniques you can use at home. This is a great way to shake (or stir) things up!

Online Reservations

For your convenience and ours, you can place a tour & tasting reservation online! After placing a reservation, a staff member will email you confirming your reservation. If the time requested has already been taken by someone else, then we will provide you with alternate times that we have available. Thank you!

Hours for tasting 4,5,6,7  Wednesday to Sunday

For larger groups please call 

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